Factory Direct Sale Portable Camera Detector Anti-spy Detector Gps Locator Tracking Detection T1

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Factory Direct Sale Portable Camera Detector Anti-spy Detector Gps Locator Tracking Detection T1
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Model Number: T1
Network: GPRS
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Model Number: T1
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Product Paramenters

Your privacy security bodyguard

Leaving no place for illegal equipment to hide

Technological breakthroughs in innovation and upgrading

Simple operation and easy to use
Move the detector up and down, around the sur-rounding environment for burning,such as a very strong bright spot in front of the
lights flashing,is the camera.

Extra long standby lasting battery life
300mAh large battery, can be used for 25 hours continuously, escort a whole day

Laser detection does not miss
Armed with military detective power, laser detection can ac-curately detect all cameras, including sleep cameras andnon-infrared
cameras that can't be detected by normal de-tectors.

Vehicle GPS position detection
Locators on the market emerge in an endless stream, ordinary people can not identify with the naked eye, as long as the device
receives the signal sent by the locator can alarm and remind, can quickly find the location of the locator

4 speed sensitivity adjustment
Adjust the sensitivity button to expand or narrow the detection range. Ifyou want to find the location of the locator, please turn
down the sen-sitivity. step by step to reduce the detection range

High detection speed
Pseudo base station location sends a signal once asecond.This detector scans 1000 times a second,no matter how fast the locator
uploading data packet is, it can be detected quickly

Light, portable, delicate and beautiful
Light and beautiful, easy to carry, travel, you want to take, no burden.More protection will be given to travel safety.

Protecting Trade Secrets Trade secrets shall not be disclosed
Card-inserted eavesdropping.Trojan eavesdropping, one by one to prevent the disclosure of commercial secrets

Protect your privacy
All kinds of illegal monitoring without hiding,is the most reliable privacy security guardians

Package Include:
1 x Detector
1 x Charging cable
1 x User manual
Our Advantages
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Q::What can I get by purchasing your products?
A:Shenzhen Xingtu Digital Co., Ltd. is a newly established company. We have the most dynamic and experienced staff in foreign trade service, competitive and high-quality products, OEM/ODM support and other services. We have our own factory in Guangdong, China. Looking forward to our cooperation
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A: One year warranty!

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A: It takes 1-3 working days for samples. Largeorders take 7-15 business days.

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A: There is no MOQ, we support all customers' small testorders.

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A:Alibaba trade assurance; T/T; Western Union; Paypal.
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